15 Nov 2021

AluK Launches S115NI sliding windows and doors systems

AluK Launches S115NI sliding windows and doors systems

AluK India has just introduced a new range in aluminium sliding windows and door systems called S115NI.

This system brings improved safety with the introduction of a thicker glass option, along with the accommodation of laminated double-glazing units - all in one single package! 

S115NI brings high acoustic insulation which creates a comfortable indoor environment to elevate the quality of life. A high-performance double-glazing unit in S115NI range gives additional energy efficiency without compromising on the aesthetics of the product combined with a variety of configurations, will meet any architectural need. 

AluK’s S115NI range of Sliding Door Systems is the perfect choice to get extraordinary doors and windows that compliment the interiors of your residential as well as commercial space. Along with providing high security, improved energy efficiency, and wide panoramic views. 

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About AluK 

The AluK Group is a global leader in the design, engineering, and distribution of aluminium window, door, and curtain walling systems. 

With more than 70 years of expertise and operations in major countries around the globe, AluK’s building systems have been specified for many of the world's most advanced and prestigious buildings. 

With its 10 business units serving over 50 countries worldwide, AluK remains a family-owned business with strong European roots that aspires to achieve sustainable growth through product innovation, technical expertise and expand into new markets. 

Founded upon traditional values such as reliability and trust, AluK believes in a local approach, bringing AluK closer to the clients through expert service and support tailored to each market. 

Through accredited testing facilities and in-house research and development, AluK ensures high-performance product solutions that exceed many industry standards. 

For each market in which it operates, AluK studies and develops ranges that are able to meet the needs of the local market. AluK systems are suitable for both renovations and the construction of new buildings in all sectors - from commercial to industrial, from residential to public. 

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