Unrivalled customer centric support approach

From technical and design support to sales and customer support, our teams work with our partners to ensure the best outcome for their projects. We are focused upon delivering the best solution, service, and value to meet their needs.


A 360° package of services to support our partners.

AluK draws on local knowledge to provide quality solutions and personal service around the world, from diligent research and development to in-depth technical support.

Local expertise and technical support

To assist you in achieving your goals, AluK combines local knowledge with high-quality technical, sales and customer support. We ensure that our aluminium building systems comply with specific country regulations, adapting our products to local needs, and are managed by an international team of engineers and experts.

Our knowledgeable and experienced teams can provide expert guidance on a variety of topics, including design, efficiency, fabrication, installation, and maintenance, and can assist you at any stage of the project.

Our local team helps local fabricators with all aspects of their projects, including product specification, compliance statements for tender submittals, calculation, value engineering, and sometimes shop drawings supervision.

From technical and design support to sales and customer support, our teams work with our partners to ensure the best outcome for their project. We are focused upon delivering the best solution, service and value to meet their needs.

Efficient processes and facilities

We store our building systems locally, with in-house processes ensuring we provide an efficient and reliable service. Careful selection of products and the allied systems and solutions for Indian market allows us to deliver our aluminium building systems to our customers with a brand promise of efficient speed to market of product availability.

AluK academy

AluK Academy, the training centre for AluK products in India is located close to the Bangalore office and is equipped with the necessary cutting machines and punching tools for fabrication and assembly of AluK windows along with our trainer to train our business partners and customers.

The key objective of AluK Academy for India is to act as a centre of excellency for imparting training to our customers. It is the place where AluK window, door, façade systems fabrication, and installation trainings happen in ideal condition and where we show the real-time product demonstration with right tools, technology and way of working for quality processes adopted in fabrication and installation of various AluK product solutions.

AluK Home

Our end-user focused brand, AluK Home, aims at inspiring homeowners to choose our products, as well as supporting our customers with dedicated sales and marketing tools including:

AluK is taking a fresh approach for Indian homeowners with an aspirational new luxury home collection which comprises both windows and doors systems specifically for the residential and retail market. This segment will inspire to design the ideal look for a customer who wants to create a dream project.