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Product description

The SC45 is a non-insulated sliding system for large dimensions windows. It benefits from the most innovative aesthetics and technical concepts making it a unique solution in its segment: slim outside strong inside. It is high on aesthetics, smart in design and excellent on all performance parameters of a sliding window.

Design features

  • Slim design with 33 mm visible width of the interlock
  • For in single & double glazing 4,5,6 & 8 and up to 24 mm.
  • 45 degree joining in frame and 90 degree joining in sash
  • Adjustable rollers able to carry up to 120kgs per sash
  • Wider track and deeper gutter for water drainage and easy maintenance.
  • Reinbfirced profiles for high inertia


  • Built-in mosquito frame option
  • Vertical Shutter frame in 2 design (reinforced or simple)
  • Accessories for lock with innovative design are available
  • From 1 up to 4 multiple point locking points devices
  • 2, 3, 4 or 6 sashes windows and patio- doors
  • 2 or 3 tracks

Application type

Residential / New Construction & Renovation. Tropical and hot climates.

Size limits  
Max glass thickness (mm) 24
Standard sash width 1200
Standard sash height 2400
Maximum sash load (kg) up to 120 kg

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