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New strategic alliance announced with LIXIL Window Systems Private Ltd, India, a part of LIXIL Corporation.

22 Nov 2018

AluK had entered into an agreement with LIXIL, a Tokyo based global leader in the water and housing technology, to cater to the windows and doors market in India.

The collaboration will bring a confluence of two international brands, TOSTEM® and AluK® that will ensure the homeowners in India to get the best in design, quality and innovative technology when it comes to premium window solutions combining European Design and Japanese Manufacturing.





TOSTEM® is celebrated for its high-quality manufactured aluminium windows, doors and other building materials across the globe. With strong Japanese heritage, TOSTEM® sets new quality standards and yardsticks in the industry.  AluK® is a global leader in designing aluminium windows, doors and façade systems and its strong design-oriented approach and European roots prides itself in being able to give customers product solutions that not only appeals to their taste but also easily handle their everyday needs.

More information is available here: www.lixil.com

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