30 Jun 2022

Discover what makes aluminium façade unique from other materials

Discover what makes aluminium façade unique from other materials

Aluminium façade can turn a building from ordinary to exceptional. It's quickly becoming a go-to solution for architects because of its great durability and sustainability characteristics.”

Aluminium Façade systems are typically used for façade frames because of their strength and stability and it's ideal for application in commercial as well as industrial sectors including offices, hospitals and schools. These dynamic systems are specifically designed to be used for all sectors effortlessly. The unique curtain walling systems provide modern buildings with the flexibility and enhanced functionality they expect.

In comparison to the walls that we usually see, the Aluminium curtain walling system is a unique method for completely transforming the look and feel of your property in one go. Ideal for a smooth and modernized space, they make the movement from the outside - easier and better along with letting the natural light seep in as much as possible for an au naturel space.

As one of the industry leaders of aluminium curtain walling systems around the world, we understand the importance of the advantages and benefits that the curtain walling system can add to a structure. While the most evident advantage is an amazing visual redesign, there are additionally numerous specialized enhancements that accompany AluK’s SG50 and SL50 systems.

Aluminium façade systems by AluK can be faceted, double-skinned, arched, or inclined to achieve the required finish while allowing maximum light transmission into the building with minimal profile sightlines. To ensure maximum performance, all of the profiles are thermally broken, and all of the systems come with a variety of features that provide you with complete design flexibility.

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