27 May 2022

Benefits of aluminium folding doors

Benefits of aluminium folding doors

Aluminium Folding doors are becoming one of the most sought-after door choices for homes not only in India, but all around the world. And why wouldn’t it be - they are really great addition to any home or commercial property. In addition to the fact that they add a dash of extravagance and style to your space, they are also highly efficient - combining utility and longevity for any project.

Folding Doors are aesthetically pleasing to match the opulence of your property 

In case you are looking to have extraordinary doors and windows that compliment the interiors of your residential as well as commercial space, introducing folding doors might just be the best idea. Folding doors also give your property an abundance of styles and designs to match its aesthetic. There is no argument that the exquisite design of our aluminium folding door systems and the absolutely effortless operation give you the best of security, utility and opulence.

Key benefits of aluminium folding doors: -

  • Aluminium folding doors can be custom-made to fit every requirement and to meet specific needs.
  • By selecting aluminium folding doors, you will have a variety of colour options. A unique lasting powder coating is used to colour aluminium bi-fold doors.
  • Aluminium Folding doors are absolutely low maintenance and need cleaning only infrequently
  • They are typically equipped with a variety of safety and security features, including secure locks, multi-point locking systems, and toughened safety glass, and the material itself is extremely durable and capable of supporting larger panes of glass making them extremely secure.
  • Aluminium folding door system also provides an elegant and innovative application choice for balcony doors, eliminating the separation between the internal and external environment, and offering a wide opening.
  • One more huge advantage of aluminium folding doors is that they are amazingly energy efficient. Folding doors are explicitly planned and fabricated considering the energy effectiveness that they provide to your home, unlike other door and window systems.

If you're searching for a Folding Door system that is not difficult to use, is customizable to your property and comes with other multiple advantages then we recommend to checkout Aluk’s BSF70 and 45V folding door systems which gives the desired look and can truly enhance your space.

Aluk’s 45V non-insulated folding door system is perfectly suitable for all types of construction. It allows all commercial, public and domestic premises to offer large openings, where light and openness can literally change everything!

AluK’s BSF70 is a versatile and flexible folding door system that comes in both non-insulated and insulated versions and can be configured in a variety of ways to achieve the look you want.

To discover more about the AluK aluminium folding door systems available and suitable for your space - contact us or visit our design studio and experience centre today!

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