18 Apr 2022

Aluminium “The Green Metal”

Aluminium “The Green Metal”

Did you know that Aluminium is known as the ‘Green Metal’?

Aluminium has been given this name because recycling aluminium saves about 95% of the energy that will be used to produce aluminium from scratch. And that’s exactly why it’s one of the most sustainable materials available.

At AluK, we focus on producing the highest quality products that are as environmental friendly as possible. Because unless you believe in Elon Musk’s plan of making Mars a habitable planet, Earth is our only choice!

But why do we need to focus on using sustainable materials?

With ever-increasing levels of global warming and climate change, man is posing a threat to the planet with each of his actions. And as a part of the construction industry, AluK realises the need to stay true to the mission of creating sustainable products that can successfully build a sustainable planet. While every product that we create reflects the integrity of our thought process and a contemporary need for sustainability, we also believe that AluK products should be the ones that are loved today and will last forever.

Aluminium is probably the most easily recyclable metal - making it a better choice in terms of environment-friendliness and reduction of carbon footprint. The energy required to recycle aluminium is about 5% of that needed for primary productions – and that makes it a greener choice of material, both in terms of production and reproduction. It can be reused interminably without losing its parent properties. You will be amazed to know that 75% of the aluminium that has ever been produced is still in use!

The high value of aluminium scrap is an added incentive along with being a major economic impetus for recycling. Aluminium recycling benefits both - the present and the future generations, by conserving energy as well as other natural resources.

Aluminium is a lightweight and high strength material. From doors and windows in homes to the tallest multi-storeyed buildings - it is utilized in basically every aspect of the advanced construction industry.

It is extremely convenient to manoeuvre, which in turn diminishes the ecological footprint. Along with that, it also contributes in fuel efficiency due to its lightweight, significantly reducing the cost of transportation.

The painted and anodized surface treatments have a neutral effect and therefore do not have any impact on the quality of the air, the ground, surface or underground water, or human health.

While a high aversion to moisture and air is a standard advantage with most of the products made out of aluminium, its additional corrosion-resistant properties make it a low maintenance option in the long run. In contrast to all the other materials available for constructing doors and windows - expansion, breakage and degeneration is simply not possible in aluminium.

Doesn’t that make it an inadvertently sustainable material?

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