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AluK’s SL50 façade defeats hurricane testing at the Building Future Lab conference

06 Feb 2018

The new Building Future Laboratory (BFL) at the University of Mediterranean Studies, located in Reggio Calabria, opened its doors to over 200 architects, industry professionals and media earlier this month on the 1st February 2018.

The main highlight of the day for many, was to witness the extensive testing of AluK’s SL50 curtain walling system.  This testing included vigorous air, water (in static and dynamic conditions) and wind testing in accordance to European and American standards, including a test against hurricanes.  As well this, both thermal and seismic cycles were carried out.

Following the testing, a press conference moderated by Ennio Braicovich, editor of the magazine Nuova Finestra and of guidafinestra.it, was held in which AluK IT, CEO, Marco Pedrocchi, discussed AluK’s involvement within the BFL project including providing the SL50 façade prototype to carry out testing. 

Marco Pedrocchi, commented ‘We look forward to continuing to support the BFL team through all testing phases, including support future research activities and scholarships.

The new Building Future Lab promises to be a great resource for on-going and future scientific developments within technology and will support a wide network of partners.




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