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Product description

A complete and versatile 67mm, thermally broken series suitable for all construction and satisfying different styles of modern aesthetics.

This series is used for applications where high thermal and acoustic performances are required. It is also especially designed to ensure security against intrusion. This system is recommended for the restructuring and replacement of old wooden and pvc windows.

Design features

  • Flat, rounded and chamfered lines.
  • Sealing system with central gasket to achieve high acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Burglary resistant class RC2 (WK2)


  • Available in dual color
  • All surface finishes available
  • Customized high resistant finishes for aggressive environments upon request.
  • Windows with 1, 2 or more inward opening sashes
  • Tilt & turn
  • Bottom hung
  • Fanlight
  • Pivot
  • Tilt & slide
  • Outward openings
  • Compatible with 67ID doors

Application type

Versatile and complete system suitable for all construction types. Ideal for residential and commercial applications incl. houses, apartments, villas, public buildings, hospitals, schools and industrial buildings.

  67IW 67ID
Uw value W/m²K (Double glazing) 1,4
Uw value W/m²K (Triple glazing) 1,1
Uf value W/m²K 2,4 (no cover PVC + 0,2) 2,6
AWW Classification 4 / E1200 / C5 (2 sashes turn/turn and tilt W2000 x H1800) 3 / 2B / C5
Acoustic performance (dB) 2,4 (no cover PVC + 0,2)
Size limits    
Max glass thickness (mm) 60 50/60
Max sash width (mm) 1400 (normal casement)
1500 (turn and tilt)
Max sash height (mm) 1400 (normal casement)
1500 (turn and tilt)
Maximum sash load (kg) 100 kg (normal casement)
130 kg (turn and tilt)
Inward opening X X
Outward opening X
Top hung X
Bottom hung X
Tilt & turn X
Tilt & slide X (IWL SERIES)
Horizontal pivot X
Vertical pivot X
Multi-point locking X
Dual color option X

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