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Product description

The BSF70 is a versatile and flexible, thermally broken folding door system, available in a wide range of configurations to create the look you desire.

Multiple doors can be combined with open-in or open-out options, in a variety of styles to create a wide expanse of opening. The narrow profile ensures that maximum glazing is achieved, flooding rooms with light.

Design features

  • Dimensions: up to 3000 mm high and 1200 mm wide per sash
  • Glass infill: from 28 to 40 mm. Single or double glazing.
  • Max weight: Up to 150 kg per sash.
  • Chamfered and square bead options.
  • Four stainless steel wheels for smooth and consistent operation.
  • Unique, flush line pop-out handle for maximum door opening and square stacking panels.
  • High security hinges, locking mechanisms and high strength roller design provide security and reliability for high traffic applications.


  • Square or softline frame profiles
  • Doors and panels can be used in a variety of configurations, style and design.
  • Full range of bespoke hardware available.
  • Available in single or dual colour option and anodised finishes.
  • Multi-point locking mechanism
  • Low threshold option for unimpeded access through the door
  • Open in & open out
  • Up to 6 opening sashes
  • High traffic door

Application type

High traffic applications

Uw value W/m²K (Double glazing) 1.6 W/m²K
Uw value W/m²K (Triple glazing) 1.4 W/m²K
Uf value W/m²K 2,7-3,4
AWW Classification 4 / 9A / AE2400
Size limits  
Max sash width (mm) 1200
Max sash height (mm) 2400
Inward opening X
Outward opening X
Multi-point locking X
Dual color option X

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